Members of the Indianapolis Guild pose for a group photo after welcoming five new members at a recent retreat.

The gospel is always best demonstrated on a personal and local level. And at this time in history, local relationship and action matter more than ever.

Praxis Guilds are groups of entrepreneurial leaders committed to practicing and advancing redemptive entrepreneurship together in their location. They launch new initiatives, develop the redemptive potential in each other’s work, and build a collaborative network of founders, funders, and next-generation builders motivated by their faith, all in an effort to love their neighbors and renew culture in their cities.

We are currently working with Guilds in eight cities in the United States and Canada. We plan to learn further from these initial Guilds before expanding the Guilds program to other cities.

Guild applications

Applications for new cities to join the Guilds program will re-open in the future. In the meantime, please tell us about your interest in starting or joining a Guild.

About Guilds

Guilds develop the redemptive potential in each other’s lives and work, advocate for or launch important new initiatives, and work to expand the core ideas and relationship of redemptive actors in their location and spheres of influence. They are both internally focused and externally active. They’ll meet in small groups (virtually and in-person), and create ‘membership’ and meeting structures that fit their community (Praxis does provide some templates and approaches that may be helpful). Each Guild will decide how to cultivate and strengthen relationships locally and build a network in ways that best meet local needs.

Guilds anchor their conversations, work, and relationships with reference to two core frameworks: the Redemptive Frame, which helps define and explore the possibilities for redemptive action, and the Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs, a set of shared practices meant to help leaders flourish.

why guilds?

Guilds aim to:

  • Create and grow deep friendships among entrepreneurial Christians across sectors, churches, and cultures
  • Expand the shared understanding and practice of redemptive entrepreneurship across the unique context of each city
  • Lead, create, fund, and advocate for redemptive ventures and projects across the community

why guilds?

who should participate in guilds?

Guilds are for groups of entrepreneurial Christians — founders, innovators, builders, and funders motivated by their faith to renew culture and love their neighbors. Guild founders can come from any sector, but should have a demonstrated track record of building things and a combination of ambition, humility, and kindness. Guild leaders represent diversity across race, ethnicity, gender, age, and church affiliation.

in guilds?

guild application

Applications for new cities to join the Guilds program will re-open in the future.

In the meantime, please tell us about your interest in starting or joining a Guild. We'll notify candidates when applications open.

Beyond completing an interest form for the Guilds, you might also be interested in exploring Praxis RE/frames, which can serve as a formation tool with other redemptive leaders in your community before you officially form a Guild. Visit our Programs page to learn more.