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Reversing the Mental Health Crisis


Mental health challenges will always be with us, and society has made encouraging progress destigmatizing them. More and more people are talking openly with friends about their mental and emotional health, seeking counseling and therapy, and accepting medical support. But as stigma recedes, it becomes clear that we are in the midst of a genuine crisis, especially amongst our youth, who face a crippling combination of achievement culture and shame-based comparison culture. Moreover, always-on news stokes fears and anxieties—and points the finger at who we should blame for them. All of this has contributed to unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression.

We're interested in organizations taking both a personal and systems-level view of these challenges, believing that almost all institutions, new and old, should consider their opportunity and responsibility in our collective health. This will require both “relief and development”: not only more creative, effective, and accessible forms of traditional mental health support, but different kinds of schools, media companies, and technology firms that can address the root causes of these alarming trends.


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Aura Health

provides an app-based emotional assistant to help people relieve stress and anxiety, and to sleep better, using deep learning and personalized wellness content (Steve Lee & Daniel Lee, Business 2020).

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Be Strong

is a national movement empowering youth to prevent bullying and social isolation by igniting change in peer behavior through a comprehensive, student-led approach (Ashleigh Cromer, Nonprofit 2019).

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Fathers’ Uplift

offers programs and therapeutic interventions to support fathers in overcoming barriers so they can be positively and sustainably engaged in their children's lives (Charles Daniels, Nonprofit 2018).

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