Dave Blanchard

Co-Founder & CEO

Dave Blanchard is passionate about encouraging Christian-led entrepreneurship that has a positive impact on society. To this end, he co-founded and leads Praxis, which works to motivate, educate, and resource Christians to pursue redemptive entrepreneurship, to renew the spirit of the age. Praxis supports ventures through its accelerator programs that have graduated a global portfolio of over 200 business and nonprofits, while also building Praxis Academy, a learning and resourcing center for redemptive action that has developed 1,000 entrepreneurial leaders. Previously, Dave was a Principal Designer at innovation firm IDEO and founded two companies in music and technology. The author of From Concept to Scale, he's had the privilege of speaking at varied venues including The White House, Harvard, Q, and The Gathering. He has a BA from Babson College, an MBA & MEM from Northwestern, and lives in Manhattan, where he is part of Church of the City.