Redemptive Labs

Bring redemptive entrepreneurship to your city with a locally-hosted venture building experience.

Built on a decade of insights from running our flagship Accelerator programs, a Redemptive Lab is a concise yet formative experience for founders that is designed by Praxis but hosted locally by Labs Leaders.

Labs Leaders are trained by Praxis through a 3-day in-person intensive and given access to templates, tools, and content that make it easy to host Labs.

Labs can serve as standalone events or as building blocks to catalyze a local venture building ecosystem.

What is a Redemptive Lab?

Labs are 3-day pre-designed, locally hosted gatherings that leverage Praxis’ broadly-applicable content and mentor-driven format, while allowing Labs Leaders to contextualize the experience.

Across the gathering, founders are introduced to the Redemptive Frame, share vision presentations, discuss the content of the Redemptive Playbooks, and synthesize their learnings for personal and venture application.

Founders leave the Lab with an understanding of redemptive strategy, operations, and leadership, a series of prototypes to run in their venture, and relationships with peers and mentors for ongoing support.

Labs are hosted locally by Labs Leaders who have been trained by Praxis and have a license to run them in their city.

What goes into leading a Redemptive Lab?

Who is the Labs Team training for?

Praxis looks to partner with place-minded builders who have a passion to see redemptive entrepreneurship advanced in their city. Each location should have a team of 2 people who are trained and work together to run Labs. We look for:

  • Humble, ambitious Christian builders with entrepreneurial experience
  • A desire to serve founders and help them integrate the Redemptive Framework
  • Convening power with founders, mentors, and funders in their city
  • Visionary, yet action-oriented and able to execute a world-class experience
  • A team of 2 with complementary skill sets (1) a Lead who is ultimately responsible for the license, vision, budget, recruiting and (2) an Integrator who leads planning and execution.

We encourage Labs Teams to consider recruiting informal advisors and operators who are also involved: 

Advisors: help with high-level recruiting of mentors and founders, and connections to potential funders who can help support the cost of the Lab.

Coordinators: help run the on-site event action plan, including running Audio/Visual, working with the venue to set up rooms and caterers to set up meals.

What is Labs Team training?

Training begins with a 3-day in-person immersion with the Praxis team. Think of it as going through a Lab as a participant, and then getting a behind the scenes tour to see how it all works.

Training then moves to virtual and is self-paced. We provide a resource library of how-to videos, systems, templates and tools -- complemented by  virtual office hours with the Praxis team.

Training concludes when Labs teams submit an implementation plan. Upon approval, Praxis grants a license that allows them to run as many Labs as they'd like in their location for 1 year. At the end of the year, we meet to mutually discern license renewal.

Some key tools offered by Praxis to Labs Teams:

  • Founder application
  • Mentor invitation email copy
  • Mentor and founder onboarding surveys
  • Pre- and post-program founder self-assessment surveys
  • Event book template (with our Redemptive Playbook content and follow-up exercises)
  • Lab Website template
  • Airtable database for CRM, event planning & program management

For more detail, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.


March 29-31, 2023 // Interest Forms Closed
August 9-11, 2023 // Submit Interest by May 1, 2023
March 2024
August 2024
Location: New York, NY 

Who you are now

Experienced entrepreneur with a capacity and passion to bring your experience to bear across many ventures; or

Active leader and developer of local entrepreneurial ecosystem with a platform to convene founders, mentors, and capital 

Humble, ambitious Christian seeking to live out your faith as fully as possible in your vocation, and eager to help other entrepreneurs do the same

What you’ll learn

How to run a Redemptive Lab in your context

What redemptive entrepreneurship is—in principle, theology, and practice—and how to guide others in its application

Guided “insider tour” of Praxis’ frameworks, principles, and tools for growing a venture-building ecosystem 

Where you’re going

Using the Redemptive Lab as a tool to convene, test, catalyze, and sustain a venture-building ecosystem in your context


Labs Leaders first go through training at a 3-day in-person intensive
in New York, NY, with talks, panels, and mentoring with the Praxis team

Virtual training portal— templates, tools, content, decks, videos—to develop Labs plan

Office hours with the Praxis team for ongoing support as you run Labs


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

Next Steps


Praxis hosts 2 Labs Team Trainings annually in March and August. Each training has a limited number of seats, made available through a rolling, invitation-driven process that incorporates those very active in our community as well as those looking to be.

For those ready to host Labs in their city, please fill out the Interest form below and note which of the trainings you'd like to join.

The form should be completed as a Team of 2 (see "What we Look for").

If you have further questions, consult the FAQ or you can email us.

APPLY TO HOST nominate

Thanks to the generosity of our funding community, Labs Team Training and Licenses are offered at no cost. Labs Teams are responsible for the cost of their own travel and lodging for the in-person training, held in New York City, NY, USA. Participants from outside of the USA in need of financial assistance for travel costs can inquire about a limited number of international travel scholarships.