Evan Baehr

Managing Partner

Learn Capital

Baehr is managing partner of Learn Capital, a venture capital fund that backs and builds companies that drive human flourishing. He’s Founder of Teneo, a national leadership organization, author of the best-selling book Get Backed from Harvard Business Press, and host of the Arena, a TV show celebrating bold founders. Previously he cofounded Able, a financial technology company backed by Mike Maples and Peter Thiel, which sold in 2017. Able served the ‘fortune 5,000,000’—the millions of small businesses that create two-thirds of all jobs in the United States—with low interest loans to help them grow. He is an honors graduate of Princeton University (Woodrow Wilson School), Yale University (MA, Ethics), and Harvard Business School (MBA), and lives in Austin, TX, with his wife, Kristina, a litigator and founder of Just Well Law, and his four kids.

Evan Baehr has transitioned out of ABLE.
Evan Baehr