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Dollar For partners with CloudFactory on health justice.

Dollar For

Jared Walker & Mark Sears

Nonprofit 2022

Dollar For (Jared Walker, Nonprofit 2022) has partnered with CloudFactory (Mark Sears, Business 2014) to streamline their medical debt forgiveness program. Nonprofit hospitals are required to have charity care policies to help low-income patients, though each hospital has their own unique application that can be difficult for Dollar For’s patient advocates to navigate. CloudFactory generously offered to help Dollar For map thousands of medical debt forgiveness applications to automate the process.

Through advocacy and education about charity care policy, Dollar For is making significant inroads in the ORI, Meaningful Interventions into Healthcare's Quagmire, toward disruption of the byzantine, manipulative, and exploitative healthcare system of misaligned incentives that prioritize financial outcomes over health outcomes. In 2023, they were featured in over 20 news stories, including The Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and celebrated the milestone of crushing $25M in medical debt.

Stories of our Community at Work