How We Work

Reinforcing Shared Humanity

8 Questions with Kohl Crecelius of KNOWN SUPPLY.

How We Work

Reinforcing Shared Humanity

8 Questions with Kohl Crecelius of KNOWN SUPPLY.




KNOWN SUPPLY is reimagining apparel production in a way that honors and celebrates the people behind the clothing we buy. They work with underserved populations to provide meaningful work and to show the powerful impact our clothing purchases can have, if made thoughtfully. Krochet Kids intl. is a non-profit lifestyle brand working in Uganda and Peru to empower people to rise above poverty. Every product is hand-signed by the woman who made it so supporters can know who and how they are helping.

Kohl is a Praxis Fellow from the 2012 Business Accelerator Program. Learn more about his work and see his pitch at the Praxis Finale here.

1. Who’s in your Hall of Fame for entrepreneurs, and why?

Wow, that’s a loaded question. Yvon Chouinard for fiercely standing for his convictions with Patagonia and Pharrell Williams for his cross-disciplinary work in music and fashion.

2. At Praxis we say that as entrepreneurs, “We create from love.” Who are you loving through your venture?

We exist to love and give voice to the millions of makers who are behind the clothing we wear every day by creating new paradigms for production and new experiences for customers to interact with their clothing.

We introduce shoppers directly to the person who made their garment to reinforce a sense of shared humanity.

3. What’s the most important thing you looked for in hiring employees 2–4?

We started very humbly and at a young age, so this process was pretty simple and went something like this: “You’re here and ready to work. Great.”

4. Entrepreneurs are always prototyping. What are you prototyping right now in your venture?

We are prototyping ways to engage larger fashion brands in ethical manufacturing processes to help them understand this growing customer base and further their relevancy in a changing marketplace.

5. You’re asked to anchor an expert panel at the next Praxis Summit on a topic that has nothing to do with your venture or industry. What topic do you choose?

House Plants: The Everyday Benefits of Living Life Amongst Plants

6. Never mind the Enneagram: Chaos Muppet or Order Muppet?

I appreciate order, but I thrive in chaos.

7. In “Essentialism” Greg McKeown talks about choosing what problem you want: “A nonessentialist approaches every tradeoff by asking ‘How can I do both?’ Essentialists ask the tougher but ultimately more liberating question, ‘What problem do I want?’” What problem are you glad you get to work on right now?

I am thankful I get to work on the complicated, messy process of influencing — and ultimately redeeming — purchasing behavior. For over 12 years, we’ve worked diligently to increase awareness and connections amongst consumers to learn more about the incredible people who are behind the clothing they wear.

The more of us who consider the social impact of our purchases before we buy anything, the better off our world is going to be. If we can be mindful of whether our eggs are produced by cage-free chickens, we should at least be able to have a better understanding of how our clothes are made.

8. #sabbathbrag: What do you do to rest?

Surf. Run. Skateboard with my 3-year old. Garden with my wife. Eat ramen. Maybe in that order, maybe not.


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