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Redemptive Application of Frontier Technologies


Large language models (LLMs)  have demonstrated great promise in “learning” and imitating the patterns of human language and visual communication, even though they have no understanding of human meaning or intent. It seems inevitable that most types of work will be both  enhanced and disrupted by AI. Meanwhile, biotechnologists are deepening their ability to write  the instruction codes of life—DNA and RNA. All these new capabilities will inevitably be deployed according to some vision of good and evil. 

Unfortunately, Christians, though present with technical and managerial expertise in many facets of these fields and other frontier technologies, often fail to form a “theological anthropology” that connects our view of humanity to what is ultimately true and good.

We’re looking for ventures shaped by a Christian vision to develop talent for these world-shaping and boundary-pushing fields, increasing the presence of Christian ethics where much of the future will be designed. And because any Christian ethic places a priority on the flourishing of the most vulnerable, we are especially interested in ventures that go against the grain to consider the redemptive application of these technologies in society over mere efficiency or “magic" to protect and promote well-being for the materially poor, the vocationally at-risk, those historically neglected by healthcare technology, and others who might stand to benefit from creative use of these powerful technologies.

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