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Joy and contentment at work are hard to find. Derek Thompson highlighted the “workism” crushing American workers, and the “great resignation” is well underway among those looking for good jobs as part of a different way of life. The gig economy has been a boon for those looking for flexibility, though it seems also to have limited opportunity for those looking for stability. Indeed, stability, dignity of work, work/life balance, and social mobility are among the highest priorities for workers in roles from the trades to the executive suite.

We’re interested in ventures that have the ideal of good work as their core reason for being—supporting the underemployed, offering group benefits for the gig worker, offering living wages in markets that don’t demand them, and providing training and internal opportunity for those lacking external credentials.


Praxis Ventures

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uses technology to create meaningful work for as many people as possible, seeking to become the best on-demand digital workplace in the world (Mark Sears, Business 2014).

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Eden Equities

launches companies that use their residential real estate holdings as a platform for job creation and financial freedom, beginning with the construction trades (Todd Hyden & Phil Lezar, Business 2022).

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is a car wash brand that delights drivers and invests deeply in life and leadership training for their lower-wage workers as a talent pipeline for new locations and as a path to generational wealth (Thomas Kim, Business 2018).

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Old Skool Cafe

helps at-risk youth break the cycle of poverty, violence, and incarceration through opportunities in hospitality (Teresa Goines, Nonprofit 2016).

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