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Preventing War & Reversing its Consequences


There are few things more devastating to the long-term health of society than war. Ethnic tensions can become entrenched for centuries; economics and infrastructure can be set back decades; and the next generation of children are left to lead from the trauma created or passed on by the wars of their fathers. Entire cohorts of individuals are destroyed, whether literally (through genocide) or psychologically (in the case of veterans and child soldiers).

And however much war may be national or international in scope, ultimately war is relational—between calculating politicians, enlisted soldiers, audience-building media, and engaged citizens. We’re interested in ventures preventing war through peacemaking and disarmament as well as working in war’s aftermath (trauma therapy, economic support).

We’re also interested in conversations about the role that defense technologies and cyberwarfare will play in our collective future. The world needs ventures with a distinctly Christian presence in these fields to navigate the ethical landmines involved in conflicts that are increasingly fought through technology.

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