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Rethinking Mission & Discipleship in the “Post-Christian” West


The Western Church is in crisis, particularly among the next generation. Among the many Christian streams facing their own versions of this crisis, decades of politicization have led to a situation where many Americans inside and outside the evangelical community identify evangelical faith more with a political platform than with a commitment to doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. Secular skepticism has been understandably fueled by scandals of money, sex, and power that seem no different from the world’s—in fact worse because of their apparent religious hypocrisy. Due to these and other factors, The Great Opportunity report suggests that over 40 million young people raised in Christian homes could walk away from a life with Jesus by 2050.

We see myriad possibilities for innovation, including cross-cultural economic and civic engagement in local communities, rebalancing the economics of church planting and seminary training, developing measurement and evaluation for discipleship and spiritual growth, youth and academic formation, and continued advancement in redemptive applications of sound faith and work theology. One especially fruitful opportunity is building technology that meets the next generation where they “are”—in the digital and virtual maelstrom—and ushers them into meaningful, embodied Christian community.


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leverages technology to develop spiritually mature and deeply connected Christian groups (Peter Court & Alex Nichols, Praxis Studio 2021, Business 2022).

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works on top campuses around the world to help students and faculty consider life's hardest questions (Andrew Schuman, Nonprofit 2019).

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World Impact

empowers urban leaders and partners with local churches to reach their cities with the gospel (Alvin Sanders, Nonprofit 2021).

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