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Designing the Hybrid Workplace for Human Flourishing


Accelerated by a global pandemic, we may be seeing the largest shift in how certain kinds of work are done since the large-scale offshoring of manufacturing in the late 1970s. The changing location of work accompanies changing norms and expectations about work itself.

Many organizations seem content, even pleased, to blur the line between work and home life, potentially reducing expenses and increasing employees’ hours on the job—though the effects on actual productivity are far from clear. From employees’ perspective, bringing work home has the potential for both real benefits and new pressures.

We’re interested in ventures that have a human-centered perspective on this next phase of work, creating tools, systems, spaces, and incentives that consider and demonstrate what is best for people and the organization—taking into account healthy amounts of screen time and in-person time, new pathways for professional development, and even living situations for remote employees.

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