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Third Way Approaches to Polarization


At the heart of many issues that divide our society is a breakdown of community, relationship, and trust—or even conversation. Typically, polarization is driven by a lack of listening and empathy, the satisfying demonization of the “other side,” and the self-justifying tribalism of the “right side.” Frequently overlooked is the exploitation and suffering of the people who experience the issue du jour most directly.

We need ventures—from media to nonprofit services to faith-based outreach endeavors—building new approaches that center the conversation on love and mercy as much as on righteousness and justice, through new communities, frameworks, narratives, services, and resources.


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Avail NYC

advances a third way dialogue while providing services to care for women and men facing unexpected pregnancy (Chris Whitford, Nonprofit 2021).

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offers training to equip people with a new way to think and talk so they can overcome their tensions and make a positive change in the abortion conversation (Angie Weszley & Denise Stein, Nonprofit 2022).

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